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Shark Shock weed for Sale Online

Shark Shock CBD is an intensely powerful strain that’s a cross between Skunk #1 and White Widow, and that’s why it’s sometimes known as Shark Widow or Great White Shark. It resembles a huge white skunk. It’s an intense aroma and a flavor that is a combination of earthy, sweet and salty flavours. It’s suitable to be chosen outside and indoors; the strain is easy-to-grow, flowers fast and contains an indoor germination period of around 55 days with a return of about 500g/m2. It needs to be harvested outside during mid-October and its outdoor yield produces a plant weighing between 600 to 900 g. It has compact feminized buds that are covered in resin. Experienced and beginner growers are going to be able to produce abundant crops of Shark Shock conveniently. It’s also used for treating several health problems. Shark Shock has a THC and CBD degree of up to 10 percent each.Shark Shock weed

This cannabis seed contains origins in the famous White family, which won several awards throughout the 90s. Shark Shock includes a strong, bittersweet flavour with a garlic-like aroma. It’s a rather powerful but calming effect that doesn’t feel too heavy on your own body. It’s perfect for treating anorexia, muscular pain, depression and sleeplessness. It is a mixture of 80% Indica and 20% Sativa. A line of genetics first devised by Shantibaba of Mr. Nice Seeds from the 1990s, Shark Shock has had several names such as Great White Shark and Peacemaker. Shantibaba started together with the mother plant a Mr. Nice Black Widow, that will be an inbred White Widow whose genetics are a crossover involving two landraces, a Brazilian Sativa and a Indian Indica. These two bonded to make a strain that both washes the mind in euphoria and numbs the body in tingling bliss, whilst tasting of sour fruits with a bit of spice and sweet blended in.Mr. Nice Seed’s Shark Shock is a great choice for growers of nearly any experience degree, capable of indoor and out, or in a greenhouse. The strain is not especially picky, it can grow in hydro and dirt but doesn’t care to get fed up to much or too frequently. It blossoms for anywhere between 40 and 50 days, attaining a height of about four feet. Shark Shock can generate a hefty return, as far as 600 g per square meter by some accounts. External this strain can reach up to eight feet tall and is ready for harvest late September or early October. Having a THC count up to 20 percent and lots of High Times Cannabis Cup awards, Shark Shock is considered by many to be the most prosperous group of genetics from the 1990s.


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2 reviews for Shark Shock

  1. stev jacku

    Very good. It’s What I was expecting from everything I’ve read about it. I would really like to to be carrying this in my store. Do you have strains of Charlotte’s Web, Harlequin?

  2. Johnas Ken

    3 strong drags on my pipe made me feel totally anxiety free, sweet! Would recommend.

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