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Blue Mystic is a Indica-dominant hybrid breed that, as its name implies, is shrouded in mystery. Nobody knows precisely who filmed Blue Mystic, or where it came out. Due to this, its genetic lineage can be unknown, which makes it incredibly difficult to pin down. Most consider the probable parents of the breed to be both Northern Lights and Blueberry. However, Blue Mystic is its strain using its unique and different attributes and not simply the title for a lot of different breeds with unknown origins.Order Blue Mystic Bitcoins

Many consumers find Blue Mystic to be, pardon the pun, a mysterious strain which includes the remedies for their own ailments. Having a reasonably high average THC amount of 21 percent, Blue Mystic is a potent breed that a number of users warn can cause you to feel dizzy following copious consumption. Anticipate the taste of the smoke to resemble its own scents. You’re most likely to feel energized and creative to take on the following job or have a stroll around the area. You will also rest easy knowing Blue Mystic’s dull, floral odor isn’t bringing the interest of your neighbors the exact same way some Diesel breeds would.
From the packaging, Blue Mystic is a mismatch of the two brief and medium-sized, compact nuggets. All these nugs are normal woods or neon green in colour, with a couple frosted, orange pistils accenting the form of the marijuana. The flower scents of berries, especially blueberry, as well as fresh ground.

Blue Mystic maintains high THC levels, together with tests showing effects as high as 21 percent. CBD evaluations, on the other hand, are difficult to find, so there is no reliable way to understand whether this breed may be used in the treatment of seizures or other ailments that need CBD. To put it differently, it is probably not a fantastic option as yet. The high is mostly cerebral, with innovative, side effects, joy, and a case of the giggles. That belies this breed’s true indica-dominant character (sativa/indica ratio of approximately 40:60). Northern Lights and Blueberry would be the most likely parents of all Blue Mystic, however there is no way to know for certain. This breed both scents and tastes like berries, particularly blueberries, a indication of its Blueberry heritage. Dry eyes and dry skin are frequently reported by consumers of the breed, whilst nausea and paranoia are comparatively rare.


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4 reviews for Blue Mystic

  1. brian rusch

    Love the freshness and quality

  2. b2bacres

    Very nice flower. Smells great and is a quality product. Good daytime strain.

  3. smirths

    Great quality of CBD. Compared to the other two companies I use, the quantity was exactly nothing extra. 😊Still satisfied.

  4. Thuzala123

    great products will definitely purchase again!

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