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Seeds of all Hindu Kush — combined with seeds of additional Asian landrace varieties such as Afghani — have been attracted to the U.S. from the 1960s and 70s by cannabis enthusiasts and explorers who traveled along a path which has become called the”hippie trail.” With time, Hindu Kush has, perhaps inevitably, been crossed with different breeds to permit for adaptation and stability into a radically different climate compared to its mountainous purpose of source; consequently,”authentic” Hindu Kush might not be widely accessible from the Western Hemisphere. But Hindu Kush is a comparatively pure breed, easier and more powerful the novelty crossbreeds that continue to multiply in the modern aggressive cannabis marketplace. It’s prized for its greatly sedative, nearly narcotic properties and its own highly resinous flowers. The THC article of Hindu Kush is generally measured at between 15% and 20 percent. Hindu Kush boasts a slowly-mounting high which starts as a feeling of physical comfort and then progresses toward a condition of mental fogginess.Buy Hindu Kush Online

Users may feel a heavy feeling in the limbs and mind and might not wish to be particularly active. The sensation of couchlock is often reported: consumers might have ideas or intentions of having up to execute a job, but may just as happily stay motionless. This immobilization will free the brain for idle contemplation and twisting creative thinking. Some psychedelic effects such as visual distortions and odd tactile sensations might also be present. Due to its thick body rock, Hindu Kush isn’t recommended for busy daytime usage. On the contrary, it functions nicely as a numbing agent for chronic pain, an anti-nausea therapy, also as a means to ease tension and anxiety. Negative effects include dry eyes and mouth, sometimes accompanied by paranoia and nausea. A couple of users also have reported experiencing stress from bigger doses of the breed. Hindu Kush is very valuable for users with sleeplessness, as big enough doses can cause sleep. Indica plants are a lot shorter and stockier than their sativa counterparts, and also the Hindu Kush strain epitomizes that, barely ever increasing taller than 5 feet. Therefore, it may be grown inside, given that numerous plants are spaced to permit for the breed’s broad lateral branches.

Outdoor cultivation will be harder, since the breed’s native climate is extremely variable. However, as mentioned, certain types of Hindu Kush are stabilized through small crossbreeding, therefore some phenotypes could grow well outside. Growers might want to cut back branches (which could later be utilized to increase clones) allowing for simple air flow. Hindu Kush can yield around 1.5 ounce per square foot and attain a THC count up to 20%. Hindu Kush is indicated by large, clustered green buds which stick because of their exceptionally sticky consistency. Some phenotypes have colors of purple at the leaves, the end result of elevated concentrations of plant pigments known as anthocyanins being actuated by cold weather throughout the vegetative period. The densely-packed blossoms are famed because of their resin (Hindu Kush might have been among the very first strains used to create hash) and also have a thick coating of silver-white trichomes. The odor of the breed is quite complicated, using a concurrently sweet and pungent odor, redolent of spice, sandalwood, pine, and moist ground. The musky odor intensifies when blossoms are combusted and also smoked.Buy Hindu Kush Online

The subsequent smoke is unpleasant and cough-inducing; once exhaledsmoke tastes like walnut. The total taste perception of Hindu Kush is one of herbs and incense. Among those first landrace breeds which precipitated the popularization of cannabis around the world, Hindu Kush is a powerful pure indica. The significance of the phrase”Kush” is contested, and was traced back to some Persian expression for”Hindu killer” (with regard to the threat of crossing the temperate mountains) and to Avestan words meaning just”water mountain” Whatever the situation, Kush is now a byword for marijuana and is frequently employed a suffix in the names of various breeds, irrespective of whether these breeds have Hindu Kush within their lineage. Shaped over hundreds of generations of natural selection, its aromatic blossoms offer you a means to experience a sheet of cultural and botanical heritage. The breed’s powerful knockout high might introduce a new type of respect for character — or at least, an understanding of why this plant was bred by humans for centuries.



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3 reviews for Hindu Kush

  1. Laura Mowatt

    ronger than Cherry Wine but I prefer CW to AC/DC. I guess it depends on what you are looking for. CW seems mellower and I like that.

  2. Didy

    One of my favorite CBD strains of all time. This stuff is perfect for day time use, and usually leaves me pretty focused, self aware but calm, and creative. Really glad these guys are carrying it and the quality is superb, much better than other vendors I’ve gotten AC/DC from. Wish I could have seen the terpene profile and the CBD levels, but just by feel alone it definitely feels like a pretty high CBD strain. Grab this is if you’re looking for the perfect day time strain

  3. Chris Clarke

    Superior quality! Very clean and tasty!

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