Moby Dick

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THC: 15-20% CBD: <1% CBN: <0.1% THCV: <0.1% Δ8-THC: <0.1% CBDV: <0.1% CBD-A: <0.1% CBC: 0.1% CBG-A: 0.6%

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Cheap Moby Dick Weed For Sale Online

Moby Dick comes in the breeders in Dinafem ( who spanned two of the mother plants, an assortment of Haze and an assortment of White Widow. Moby Dick could be grown inside or out and isn’t suggested for amateur breeders. Indoors, the strain blossoms for about fourteen days and demands an electric conductivity amount between 1.5 and two and 800 g per square meter. External, this strain requires very little maintenance, and under optimum conditions it might produce exceptionally significant yields.Cheap Moby Dick Weed


Its title reflects its enormous yields, which allegedly can reach 1,500 g per square meter. The THC concentration of the breed might be as large as 20 percent.
It creates strong euphoria and supplies spacey, joyful, and somewhat psychedelic sensations after just a couple of strikes. Some users feel focused and creative. The powerful cerebral effects start to decrease after about one hour, however, the residual effects can last another 2 hours. These effects are combined with agreeable body odor sensations. Powerful and trippy, this breed induces an insatiable desire. This mega-strain might lead to dry mouth and eyes and result in paranoia, dizziness, and nervousness when consumed in large doses.
Moby Dick was created especially as a powerful medical strain. It’s great for daytime use even though patients might feel idle a couple of hours after usage. The cerebral effects are frequently utilized to fight the signs of stress, nervousness, and depression. Patients who have lost their appetites, while it’s because of chemotherapy or other motives, frequently pick this breed. The body high can alleviate mild pains and pains, but it isn’t powerful enough to fight severe pain.




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3 reviews for Moby Dick

  1. Robert J.

    very good 𝙲𝙱𝙳. Best I have had. Excellent price and very fast shipping

  2. kaka

    Amazing product! I was very impressed with the quality and results. Really helped my migraine and has been helping daily with my anxiety. I look forward to trying other strains soon!

  3. Jillan Wills

    So far so good! Calms me without making me tired! I will order this strain again

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