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This breed is particularly suggested for novice growers as it requires very little care. After hammering seven to eight months, Apollo 13 will generate a heavy return. It’s excellent for a indoor Sea of Green installation, but at the suitable climate may also be grown outside.Cheap Apollo 13 Online

Though not valuable in treatment of acute pain, the strain was used by a few people to relieve minor aches. Apollo 13 is also used to alleviate nausea and cause appetite.
Apollo 13 is Sativa dominant and is well known for supplying a psychedelic and spacey head . First of all, users report that a increase in imagination, followed by uplifted mood and feelings of euphoria. Like other Sativa breeds, this one is known to provide users energy. Among the most fascinating advantages of this breed, that’s contrary to cannabis standing, is the gain in attention it compels. This breed also produces a number of the typical unwanted side effects, such as dry eyes and mouth, nervousness, headaches and paranoia.


Being a sativa dominant breed, Apollo 13 has an 15:85 indica/sativa ratio having an incredible 17.9percent THC content. The strain is ideal for daytime use and is well famous for its spectacular high. The buds are largely green and are coated with orange crystals and hairs. It smells earthy using a harsh flavor to go along with it. However, the flavor isn’t quite as bad as it might seem even though it could be rough on the throat. The strain is famous for supplying a spacey and psychedelic high, which can be something to anticipate. Upon closer review (which necessitated comprehensive testing) the breed supplies a high which doesn’t numb your imagination. In reality many users observed that a growth in imagination constantly suffering from feelings of euphoria and an uplifted mood. The same as any other sativa dominant breed, Apollo 13 is proven to energize its own users. However, what is really intriguing about the strain is that it raises focus that’s highly unusual as it’s a sativa dominant breed. Apollo 13 is most suitable for people experiencing depression, but it can come alongside side effects such as paranoia as well as headaches.


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4 reviews for Apollo 13 Strain

  1. buddybates246

    Excellent service. Product as advertised. I plan to order again

  2. annems68

    Great for pain relief and sleep ; ) Will purchase again!

  3. Kimbangeyu12

    One of my favorites strains !! good for a allday kind of strain !

  4. Veranso hank

    Got exactly what I ordered in a very reasonable time frame. The 50% off sale wasn’t bad either

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