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Candyland Marijuana For Sale Online

Candyland, a product of This San Francisco Bay Area in California, is a Sativa-dominant Breed that Has Been a Crossover between the Notorious Grand Daddy Purple Breed (aka Grand Daddy Purps) plus Also a Bay Area Platinum Broadcasts strain. It was originally filmed by Ken Estes that had been a part of this group that filmed the first Grand Daddy Purple.Candyland Marijuana For Sale

Its trichomes are abundant when grown correctly, appearing like the marijuana might have been dipped in sugar. The reddish hairs are a boring reddish but run more than ordinary, nearly making the buds seem fuzzy from a space.

When smoking this breed expect an extremely earthy taste with hints of spices and sweets. Its consequences lean towards it has Sativa properties which makes it a stimulating strain with little to no human body effects when smoked at smaller doses. The strain is excellent for social purposes or imaginative activities – whatever where your mind has to be engaged and active. Once consumed in larger amounts, and particularly by novice users, the strain may affect stress and paranoia as is standard with powerful Sativa strains.

Candyland is a relatively simple strain to grow if weighed against other Sativas. It could be grown inside and outside using a flowering interval of between 8-9 weeks in a indoor increase and a September crop for outside grows. The weight really piles towards the end of the growth cycle since the buds start to weigh down the plant rather slender and tall frame. Yields can attain up to 2.5 oz per plant inside with outside yields around 3 pounds per plant.

Candyland was a Gold Medalist at KushCon 2012 at Denver which boasted a listing 50,000 attendees for that specific convention


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4 reviews for Candyland

  1. Anonymous

    Great very relaxing

  2. john_mcguire

    Nice taste, great looking buds, and nice mellowing effect.

  3. harison342

    This is great for pain. There’s a buzzy light feel to it when it creeps up on you. A little energy mixed in there too.
    Very good!

  4. Hrreyking

    Love the freshness and quality

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