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Timewarp is a bit of a rare strain, it had been specially made to be grown outside, where a few plants could attain up to 13 ft. Made for those growers who felt they needed to sacrifice taste and potency for survivability, the breed resists molds and insects. Additionally, it has sturdy branches which may stand strong against winds. Not much info is left around developing true Timewarp however its descendants normally complete in late September or even mid-October. Yields for these breeds vary involving between 100 and 600 g per plant.Buy Timewarp Marijuana Online
Texada Timewarp is an infrequent sativa dominant hybrid pressure (70 percent sativa/30percent indica) generated as a F5 descendant of the notorious Timewarp strain. If you’re trying to find a bud that will totally have your thoughts going for a spin, then you have found it. Texada Timewarp packs an pleasant and high-flying ride which can get you up and going in no time in any way. You’re going to be prompted with a bit of artistic imagination alongside pure unhindered bliss. This bud has a gently sweet and floral flavor using a fairly mellow woody exhale. The odor is quite similar, using a notable bit of walnut to it, also. Texada Timewarp buds have oversize spade-shaped woods green nugs with vivid orange hairs along with a coat of clear milky white crystal trichomes which appear nearly yellow in the ideal light.

Suitable for daytime usage since most users don’t wind up feeling lethargic and weighed down, Timewarp can make some lower distress more manageable. Its uplifting effects might help stave off the signs of anxiety, tension and depression.

The strain was initially clone-only and can be descended from a Canadian landrace hybrid vehicle that’s mostly Sativa. Sad to say, the very first iteration of the breed is almost non-existent but a couple of breeders have inbred and back-crossed it to make the breed in seed shape. Frequently tasting of oranges with a small hint of walnut, Timewarp instills a milder calming body buzz plus a glowing cerebral inspiring high.


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3 reviews for Timewarp

  1. afgaddy

    Doesn’t seem to do as much for me as the Purple Haze date. I still have some left to use

  2. Hilarion231

    really good mixed with purple haze or space monkey! awesome before a meal

  3. Killianas

    AC/DC was good…better strains out there from but worth trying

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