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Monster Cookies has a top that creeps on the consumer, gradually conferring a hefty body rock. The desire to melt in the closest possible sofa may prove overwhelming for all. Though some cerebral stimulation can happen, this breed’s psychological qualities are for the most part dictated by its own profound physical relaxation. Smokers will feel completely at ease — material to stay in 1 location, but uplifted sufficient to become sociable and chatty. Due to these trippy, dreamy qualities, Monster Cookies is likely not the ideal option for all those seeking to achieve finish or work errands.Buy Quality Monster Cookies

As a result of this breed’s effectiveness, cannabis beginners should moderate their first dose and scale up if needed.

This marijuana is famed because of its amped up look and sativa significant effects which are powered with a reasonably large THC level is approximately 21%. Monster Cookies buds are large and dense oversize glowing neon green popcorn-shaped nugs with abundant floral hairs along with a thick coating of glowing fiery orange hairs. All these nugs possess a odor of sweet earthy grape plus a flavor of sweet berry with a touch of sweet earthy strawberry upon exhale. The Dragon Cookies high begins with a gradually building creeping heady impact which washes over your entire body, leaving you heated and totally hassle free. This effect subtly assembles in the back part of your mind before taking grip and leaving you stoney, spacey, and remote with no significant sedative effects. Killer Cookies is a indica-dominant hybrid which builds on some robust and tasty genetics. This background provides the flowers a relaxing top plus also a complex, fruity flavor. Even though it’s regarded as a powerful selection, cannabis testing laboratory Analytical 360 has discovered Monster programs to have a small assortment of 10 percent to 15 percent THC composition.

Seeds of Dragon Cookies aren’t commercially available; as such, those seeking to grow this breed need to obtain clippings from older plants so as to grow equal”clones.” Killer Cookies’ crops, such as those of a number of other indica forms, develop short and bushy with a huge lateral branching system. Growers should seem to”top” their crops by trimming some other high-growing enthusiast leaves so as to allow air and light break through the dense lower branches. Even though it only offers farmers a typical return, its blossoms are generally large and might have to get held up by makeshift stakes so as to maintain from drooping in their branches. After the lengthy process of farming, growers must also correctly treat their blossoms of Monster Cookies to maintain their effectiveness and bold taste.
Its nearly side effects provides Killer Cookies powerful analgesic consequences for medical cannabis patients. It may be an efficient means to alleviate aches and pains both incidental from soreness or injury and chronic from conditions like fibromyalgia. Additionally, it has been stated to soothe migraines and headaches also, in large enough doses, helps users with sleeplessness to discover profound, lasting sleep.


Monster Cookies is an excellent illustration of the genetic bounty the phenomenally popular Girl Scout Cookies has been yield. This blossom’s fruity, crowd-pleasing flavor and its own strong sedative high may indicate it as a new preferred for indica lovers. Cookie Monster never got his hands on several Monster Cookies, but we are pretty sure that when he did, he would demand more.
This breed is distinguished from medium-sized nugs that maintain their shape as a result of some dense indica-type bud arrangement. The tacky and tightly-coiled leaves are mostly forest green, but are highlighted by heavy blue and purple colors — these vibrant colours are caused by pigments known as anthocyanins being aroused by chilly temperatures in the developing process. Short-talked white trichomes provide the glowing buds a frosty overlay; they make this a challenging breed to divide by hand. Monster Cookies has a largely berry and grape-tinged taste profile, similar to parent breed Granddaddy Purple. Breaking up or burning off the buds gives off more of a hot, incense-like quality, praise of this OG Kush within this breed’s lineage. Cured correctly, it’s a smooth, simple smoke which tastes dank and candy to the exhale. Additionally, this is a particularly pungent breed, therefore smokers hoping to maintain their intake under wraps ought to take the required precautions.


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3 reviews for Monster Cookies

  1. rigobert

    Amazing product! I was very impressed with the quality and results. Really helped my migraine and has been helping daily with my anxiety. I look forward to trying other strains soon!

  2. Rodriges

    Bought for my dad, he loves it. Helps him relax after work.

  3. smirthwwe

    Awesome flower, tastes great! You will not be let down!

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