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This hot Indica-dominant hybrid comes from rock-solid OG Kush genetics and conveys its own parent breed’s memorable aroma. Buy Platinum kush Seeds, Additionally, this is marijuana with severe bag appeal, frequently displaying vibrant purple leaves. Platinum Kush provides consumers a nice balance of cerebral acuity and comprehensive relaxation.

These spade-like blossoms have the densely-packed arrangement frequently associated with additional indica-dominant types, using their leaves each other since they float tightly inward toward their fundamental stalks. The leaves themselves are a pale sea green; a few phenotypes of the breed have spots of light and dark purple inside their leaves — these sudden colours come around when anthocyanin pigments at the plants’ genetics have been aroused by colder than average weather in the developing process. In the end, a blanket of white trichomes covers both the outer and inner surfaces of those dense blossoms, providing them the platinum sheen referenced in their title.

When properly treated, Platinum Kush can odor deeply sweet, verging on skunky, using a fermented advantage. Whenever these thick blossoms are ground up or cracked open, they give a candy odor, reminiscent of adult cheese. When burnt in a tube or a combined, these powerful scents come in thick, unpleasant smoke that is liable to cause coughing or watery eyes.

Platinum Kush supplies a slow, creeping high and might shoot as many as 15 minutes once users have completed coughing on its own smoke before showing its own force. Outcomes finally appear as a throbbing across the forehead and eyes. This feeling soon trickles down the throat and spreads throughout the heart and limbs, which makes users feel weighed down. Besides some surprising pervasive comfort, users generally report an alteration in sensory perception. Visual and auditory amplification could be anticipated, as can a few trippy phenomena such as jagged depth understanding or a solid sense of time dilation. As they acclimate into the power of the breed’s psychedelic and sedative electricity, smokers of Platinum Kush can also observe that their ideas take on a recently high quality. Ideas can jump about in free association; sometimes, one concept may maintain itself to occupy more of their consumer’s focus than it otherwise could. Such head-focused impacts make Platinum Kush a fantastic bud to relish before handling complex, analytical activities, in addition to more open-ended creative pursuits. But as a result of the hefty and intractable body rock, this breed may stop users from participating in physical action, while it’s exercise or just getting up and cleaning the home. Its holistic can enable the smoker feel refreshed and concentrated. Due to its development toward sleepiness, this breed is best consumed at the day or night.

Platinum Kush’s flexible effects may also have many programs for medical cannabis patients. It numbing effect can temporarily neutralize the signs of mild to moderate tension and depression. Sometimes, it may also help people who have attention deficit disorder to keep focus on almost any tasks at hand. Despite the fact that this strain may be head-focused, it does not often cause recursive, paranoid thinking, which makes it great for people that are prone to fear or that have a very low THC tolerance.

Since no commercial growers seem to have fostered Platinum Kush for large-scale seed production, potential home growers ought to obtain traces of the breed so as to grow equal”clones.” Even though there is not much information available regarding particular best methods for this breed, we all know it may be grown indoors or outside in a humid, Mediterranean-like climate. Furthermore, this bud’s indica history indicates both short, squat plants plus a comparatively short flowering time.

Platinum Kush is a must-try for indica fans — especially lovers of powerful OG genetics. Its flexible, multi-level high may perk up the brain or slowdown the entire body, based on the consumer’s personal need.


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