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THC: 15-20% CBD: <1% CBN: <0.1% THCV: <0.1% Δ8-THC: <0.1% CBDV: <0.1% CBD-A: <0.1% CBC: 0.1% CBG-A: 0.6%

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This relaxing, yet somehow stimulating, marijuana has the capability to raise the mood and enhance productivity which makes it ideal for anyone suffering from depression, chronic anxiety, nervousness, tiredness, or generalized restlessness. Since it’s small sedative properties, Pineapple Express can also be great for moderate pains and inflammations in addition to migraines and muscle stiffness.Buy Pineapple Express
Breeders in Barney’s Farm seldom turn out anything but golden, so it is no surprise this powerful strain is just another hit. The THC with this breed strikes above 24% frequently and boasts scents likened to a boil. In the event the scents were not enough, the tastes are similar and super powerful. These olive coloured, rock-shaped buds taste just like a new piece of lemon with a large walnut aftertaste.

This tall growing plant is a fantastic tropical plant, but generally does greater inside with controlled temperatures. If you’re cultivating inside make sure to give Pineapple Express plenty of distance, as her branches have a tendency to achieve far and wide. The yields of the strain are high and it’s regarded as an auto-flowering strain. Anticipate your ideal harvest at about 7 to 8 weeks, or whether you’re growing outside, mid-October.


This gentle body numb is accompanied with a heady, joyful top which leaves customers feeling imaginative and talkative. Since your body relaxes to the high your brain will begin to concentrate and feel effective. The energy that this marijuana supplies makes it effortless to acquire through a brief to-do list.

Though this strain’s existed for some time, there is no wonder why it suddenly became a household name a couple of decades back. We are all comfortable with its soar to fame due to James Franco and Seth Rogen movie by precisely the exact same title , but were you aware that Pineapple Express was a fan favorite at the Netherlands for half a decade ahead of the film’s release? If famous pot smokers and also the Dutch believe it is a winner, then it is a winner.
If you discover yourself using all the motivation to get up and get going, this is a fantastic bud to accept an experience. This hard-hitting hybrid vehicle is a long-lasting, lively strain that meshes perfectly with a hectic schedule or creative jobs. If you’re the kind who likes to smoke in your home, this is a fantastic dinner and film pairing.



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2 reviews for Pineapple Express

  1. dr hopper

    I bought a gram of ACDC after searching online and comparing other similar companies, chose BuyLegalMeds because the prices seemed more reasonable than others. My package came about 5 days after I placed my order. The bud smelled sooooo good! It was fresh, somewhat sticky with trichromes and it smoked so smoothly! If really helps with pain too. I ordered from another company the same day a much larger order and I got that delivery before this one so that was my only complaint. Otherwise this is definitely top shelf product. I would definitely recommend this strain.

  2. Dr Stevens

    I was hesitant about buying and using cbd flower. I heard good things about it, so I bought 1 gram to see if I’d like it. Just like I was told, I loved it. However I am a daily smoker of cannabis THC, but I still felt the effects, They are definitely mild though but very relaxing. Nice to know you can buy legal flower in all 50states, shipping was very fast and arrived fresh. Smells great and smokes very smooth. Thanks (buylegalmeds) much love!! I hope to see a store in my city soon!

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