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Though its second parent isn’t known for certain, many consumers agree it is most likely in the family — Earth OG, Jupiter OG, or even Mars OG — due to its consequences. The high is quite heavy in character and powered with an insanely large 20-24% moderate THC level, which makes it perfect for more experienced users instead of novices. It strikes you with a classier somewhat uplifting effect which leaves you happy using a fuzzy head and distant ideas. You are going to have the propensity to fall to bouts of giggles as the large builds. A heating system buzz comes alongside leaves you slightly sedated and fully relaxed with a weary case of the munchies. The taste is of plump earthy skunk with a lemony citrus aftertaste which sweetens happily as you exhale. This bud includes long and lumpy super compact pepper-shaped dark forest green nugs with mild minty green stains, lean orange hairs, and also a tacky coating of candy resin.Buy Phantom OG UK

Ghost OG is a indica-leaning strain that provides an perfect balance of bodily and psychological stimulation. The consequent bud has won fans because of its own bright, punchy taste and its own unique high.

The blossoms have a characteristically indica look, with a compact core comprised of little, tightly-curled leaves. Ultimately, Phantom OG’s blossoms are capped off with black white trichomes and curled orange and yellow pistils.

When properly treated, Phantom OG’s blossoms give off a mainly earthy aroma, with hints of pine needles. Another whiff of those buds can also select up on some lemon. Whenever these bedrooms are broken apart or floor open, nevertheless, they exude a more competitive, skunky odor. On the exhale, this wealthy breed tastes of walnut and citrus and leaves behind the overall belief of artificially-scented wood shine.

The large from Phantom OG will creep up on the smoker, occasionally requiring 10 or even 15 minutes after ingestion to start to show itself. Initially, users may feel an elevated blood pressure close to the temples or eyes in addition to some flushing from the anus. After these odd sensations perish, however, consumers may observe their train of thought will be moving faster than normal. Particular ideas or theories which may not otherwise look rewarding may unexpectedly occupy the smoker’s focus; likewise, some smokers may find themselves grouping ideas to classes and forming new institutions. This type of plugged-in believing can allow for focus on complex or analytical activities. It might also lift inhibitions on imagination, inspiring work on open-ended innovative endeavors. In social settings, Phantom OG’s psychological stimulation may also spill over into playful dialogue, even if employed one of comparative strangers.Buy Phantom OG UK

After a time, Phantom OG introduces a physical to temper its own cerebral consequences. Comfort can trickle down the throat and disperse throughout the backbone and center, causing consumers to breathe deeply and readily. Any smokers who could have already been out and around may find themselves hurrying to get the comfort of house since sedation starts to slow down them. Although psychological lucidity and concentration are still potential as this stage, Phantom OG’s conspicuous indica effects render growth mostly unappealing. Rather, appreciate this breed’s more relaxing moment stage whilst kicking back having a film or a beverage.

Ghost OG’s mixture of physical and mental properties may have a lot of applications for medical cannabis patients. As mentioned, it may aid concentration, which makes it of use to people who have attention deficit disorder. The strain’s mood-boosting effets may also temporarily operate against the signs of mild to moderate tension and depression. Physically speaking, Phantom OG can dull pain and aches, both gentle and chronic, and may decrease the seriousness of normal discomforts like headaches. This bud’s inclination to induce the munchies may also improve appetite for individuals coping with diminished appetite because of illness or to treatment like chemotherapy. But since it could lead to a number of paranoid and obsessive patterns of believing in the wrong group and environment, Phantom OG isn’t advisable for individuals that are inexperienced with THC or that are vulnerable to panic.

Though seeds of Phantom OG can be found on the internet, they aren’t always frequently stocked. People that can acquire the strain can successfully expand it inside or outside (although outside cultivation calls for everyday temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit). Ghost OG reaches adulthood within 8 to 9 months when grown inside and supplies a high return of blossoms.

A must-try for both indica and sativa fans alike, Phantom OG delivers long-lasting comfort. Its woody, lemon-tinged taste profile may make it attractive to lovers of similar breeds such as Jack Herer.


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  1. stecya

    Super great strain..Hope to have PinkFloyd strain soon…thanks

  2. Hunfrey Stulgart

    I’ve tried a lot of CBD products and AC/DC is one of the best I would highly recommend!

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