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There’s something quite special about an indica that really does its job. Critical Kush is one such example where the most desirable traits of an indica are heightened, without sending smokers into eternal couch-lock. Buy Critical Kush online. Hailing from famed parents Critical Mass and OG Kush, this 90-100% indica is simultaneously perfect for growers and consumers looking for a high yield and equally staggering THC content.

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Critical Kush is frequently describe as one of the more pungent, earthy smelling strains and the same goes for her taste. Other aromatic notes include lemon and lime citrus, with evident spice. Critical Kush maintains a classic kush taste with a focus on earthy and woody notes and a lingering sweetness throughout. The effects of Critical Kush manifest in powerful body highs that are excellent for those seeking deep relaxation and destressing.

This strain is recommend for nighttime use and is especially helpful in treating symptoms of insomnia, depression and anxiety. The high culminates in an overall feeling of well-being with noticeable euphoria. Smokers have also reported on this strain’s potency in managing chronic pain.

Despite a high THC content, maxing out at around 25%, Critical Kush doesn’t generate any anxiety or paranoia. Additionally, the strain contains around 2% CBD, which only enhances its medical potential. The only noticeable “drawbacks” of the smoking experience are possible cottonmouth and dizziness.


Critical Kush is a uniquely vigorous strain that holds up well in both indoor and outdoor environments, making it ideal for novice growers. It grows especially fierce in temperate and hot climates. Cultivators can use feminized seeds or clones that flower anywhere between 55 and 60 days with buds that vary in colour and highlight deep amber trichomes. Critical Kush boasts an impressive yield with giant, sticky, resin-covered colas abounding throughout the bushy, medium height plant.

Since this indica rarely grows much higher than 100-110cm, she is ideal for smaller indoor grow operations. Harvest dates  run of the mill, with THC levels topping out anytime from mid to late September into early October. The average yield for a crop raised in fair conditions is between 550-600g/m² and above.


The success of Critical Kush cannot be overstated as more and more growers begin to recognize the plant’s potential. The strain won first place in the Indoors/Hydroponics category at the Spannabis Champions Cup in 2015, highlighting its heavy stone and warming euphoria effect.

Critical Kush has become an instant classic and a textbook example of the qualities that comprise a perfect indica. As its popularity surges, Critical Kush will continue to dominate its field.



2 reviews for Critical Kush

  1. babymarie62

    Was what I expected

  2. Amourer

    AC/DC Rocks. What can I say. Easy rolling-smooth smoking. I’ve paid more for some too harsh to smoke. I’ve paid less for complete duds. Best buy for your money.

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