Red Dragon

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Red Dragon is a reasonably simple plant to grow using a flowering period of 2 to 10 weeks inside and isn’t suggested for outdoor cultivation.It begins at your head and throat with tingles rushing in the surface of your head to your feet. These gratifying sensations are accompanied with a complete body relaxation plus a very upbeat and lively vibe. You’ll certainly feel that giggly’stoned’ sense, but discover that your brain is in complete work mode. Due to this, it might acquire overwhelming for many users and is not suggested for beginner or new users at large doses. Though many describe this breed as close heavenly, some discover it induces nausea and paranoia. Among the very notable side effects is your munchies, so make sure you have your favourite snacks on hand.Best Red Dragon Online

Great to get a spectrum of healthcare applications, she is primarily suggested for nausea, pain, and mood disorders like depression or anxiety. Due to the powerfully sativa-dominant consequences, users that suffer with anxiety and PTSD aren’t suggested to try out this strain because it has a propensity to agitate some indicators and induce visitors to experience paranoia. Since it’s a stimulant, Red Dragon is useful in treating melancholy and a lack of desire.

Though the THC normally drops roughly 20 percent, this breed has listed highs of 15 percent and intense peaks in 22%. This leaves Red Dragon a constantly robust and lively bud with a strong palate that is guaranteed to intrigue. The nugs of the plant are reflective of this title: forest green and glowing red with abundant reddish hairs covered in observable resin. This candy coating gives a delicious fruity odor emphasized by earthiness and salty notes. The tastes are an uncanny mix of guava and shrub fruit having an incomparable, strong sweetness.
This exotic blossom has a lot to bring to the table and also to find the ideal consumer, this just may be your next favorite. The fruity candy aromas and one of a type guava taste of Red Dragon will have you coming back again and again.Best Red Dragon Online


Living up to its title, Red Dragon is a exotic Asian blossom that spans Himalayan Kush with Utopian Haze. THC levels, which best 16 percent in accessible evaluations, are large enough to provide effective medical therapy yet low enough to appeal to first-time sufferers and intermittent smokers. Nevertheless, the side effects from using this strain can be strong, particularly the paranoia, therefore patients with stress might need to avert this strain. It is a less useful tool in combating seizures and other ailments that need CBD, because that compound is rare in Red Dragon. The high that the strain generates is euphoric and joyful yet sleepy and ardently hungry, which makes it a fantastic instrument for relieving eating and wasting disorders. The odor is hot yet sweet and woody, although the taste is comparable. Along with broadly reported paranoia and anxiety, dry skin, dry eyes, and nausea are also potential side effects.
Let us be fair – it is difficult to find cannabis that is flavored in this way to genuinely blow your mind. Just like a good wine, it is really at the subtleties, and even then you would need to be a connoisseur to fully grasp every individual taste note individually of another. We state all this to inform you there is anything as a knock off your socks, sativa-dominant hybrid which does not need you to be a full service specialist to flavor all of the miracles that this breed has to offer you.



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2 reviews for Red Dragon

  1. Brad Cook

    This is my favorite so far of all the Strains I’ve tried.
    Very calming light head buzz makes me think more clearly and focus on tasks at hand.
    I highly recommend this bud

  2. Kelvinos

    Excellent product. Great packaging, fast shipping. lt looks, smells and tastes great. You will think that it is MJ instead of CBD. Very nice calming effect with a good body high. Works great on my anxiety, stress and depression and my pain. I have arthritis in my back and knees, disk degeneration, and bulging disks. It works great for me and is my favorite strain so far. I highly recommend this strain for whatever ails you. 🙂

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