Agent Orange

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THC: 15-20% CBD: <1% CBN: <0.1% THCV: <0.1% Δ8-THC: <0.1% CBDV: <0.1% CBD-A: <0.1% CBC: 0.1% CBG-A: 0.6%

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The joyful feeling users encounter on this breed might come with a gentle body-numbing effect. Users should be ready for a powerful attack of the munchies although bites don’t have to be on-hand due to the power Agent Orange generates. This is a superb breed for getting out and getting things done because the”trippy-ness” burns in about 20-40 minutes following its start. Just like the majority of Sativa strains, frequent unwanted side effects comprise cotton , dry eyes, nervousness, paranoia and aggravation.Buy Agent Orange Paypal

It may be useful in treating minor pains and aches, but it’s not suggested for treatment for chronic pain. The high begins to descend after only half an hourmaking this a fantastic breed for daytime pursuits and home chores. Agent Orange scents like citrus, obviously, and it tastes like sweet and hot oranges, although the marijuana has a deep purple look. There are not many negative effects, though dry mouth just is potential. Together with THC levels around 25 percent, it certainly among the most potent breeds around; it is a really effective medicine for a lot of men and women. Agent Orange is an enjoyable alternative for everyday living which medicates without overpowering.
Agent Orange is a Sativa-dominant hybrid famous for the orange, hot flavor that provides a powerful cocktail of Sativa effects. New users must bear in mind that the cerebral effects of the breed have been known as”almost trippy”. A powerful sense of euphoria, which increases the consumer’s disposition and generates a powerful fuzzy disconnect from reality, is standard.Buy Agent Orange Paypal


This breed is excellent for daytime or daytime usage. Agent Orange is frequently employed by people seeking refuge in stress, depression and anxiety. Although it isn’t advisable for anything outside minor aches and pains, Agent Orange has been beneficial to patients handling minor infrequent pain. Additionally, it has been helpful to individuals living with chronic migraines and tiredness.



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2 reviews for Agent Orange

  1. jeff.kibble

    Got exactly what I ordered in a very reasonable time frame. The 50% off sale wasn’t bad either

  2. Godwind

    This strain is my favorite so far. After receiving my shipment I compaired every strain against my old favorite “therapy tea”. AC/DC has a nice calming effect with an astounding body high. I’d say the best uses for the strain would be anxiety, stress or depression. I highly recommend this strain

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